我的亞洲男 – my love for Asian men

As a ‘serious blogger’ I exchange emails with my readers or anyone who is willing to write to me. Very often I’m asked about once sentence I wrote in ‘Giving a shot to gwai mui lover’ – that I’ve never really been attracted to my own race. Of course there are exceptions like young Indiana Jones or Norman Reedus in ‘The Walking dead’, I mean c’mon – badass in poncho killing zombies? Works for me.

I tried to track my love life from childhood to present and beside few people around me I used to fell in love in people that don’t really exist or they are dead long time before my parents even met. Good choice, Lina. Even thought now I treat it as a joke, I laugh about it very often I think it actually had quite big influence about the type of men I like.

Tsubasa Ozora 大空 翼,

My first love. TV POLONIA showed that anime every single day at 6PM and I was always there to be with him and cheer for him. Friends ask me to go out on playground but I always refused saying ‘My boyfriend has a serious game tonight, I have to be with him’. And I was, asked my mom to make my hair I sit there and watch how he kicks ball once for 22 minutes to show in the next episode how he went to circus, fly in the air and scored. I have to admit I really did belive that there’s in Japan real boy named Tsubasa, football master and my future husband. But he loved his hobby more than me so I had to switch to new channel.


Mamoru Chiba 地場衛

A.k.a. Tuxedo Kamen, a.k.a. Endymion, a.k.a. Moonlight knight. All a young girl wants in her boyfriend – highschool handsome boy, who is also a fighter and a prince/future king and cosplayer. Plus he had a motorcycle – quite impressive, isn’t it? Same was for me. But that’s not enough – more Sailor moon I watched more I knew he is not a guy for me. I even forgave him dating Rei and Usagi, but he should be the one protecting Usagi, even his name is MAMORU! But for most of the time she was saving his ass. Cute face, good family background, but not meanly enough. Amazing voice couldn’t keep me with him.


And that voice leads me to another fascinating man in my life… 古谷徹 why you make me fall in love with every character using your voice?!

Pegasus Seiya 天馬星座の星矢

I think my biggest love and biggest heartbreak. I literally cried because of him. But what do you expect from a litath138tle girl? Such a strong handsome man fighting for love and peace in the name of Athena. I still remember ‘Japanse man is not worth wearing Greek cloth’ and then he kicked asses and got his Pegasus cloth. Never giving up, helping his friends, trying to find his sister – so touching. I saw him fighting over gold cloth, then fighting Ikki, manipulated gold saints, fighting gods for people and Athena. And then it happened.

Yup, I lost to Goddess of war and wisdom. I guess as a 6 years old I had nothing to beat her. Oh, I was crying for a whole hour. In the end I must say that gave me a huge influence, I was at the age I could read without problems so I asked mom to get me Greek Myths and a toddler like me was able to finish it and later compare with what’s in the anime. I can say that it was one of the most meaningful experiences in my childhood. Still today I like to come back to that show. Plus I saw my first naked ass there – THANK YOU SHUN!


Son Goku 孫悟空

We first met on RTL7 when he already had begun his journey to find all 7 Dragon Balls and all I wanted at that time is ride his cloud to a food land. We had same interest – we both love to eat. Maybe he wasn’t the most clever boy in the world, but surely had a pure heart. Then he met Chi-chi, who tricked him into marriage – he thought that means he will get cookies. In the Dragon Ball Z he came up with a child (now when I know where children come from it’s a little bit disturbing’) so as a good person I’ve decided to not  break up the family


At this point I finally realized Japanese people make up those stories and I will never be their Chi-chi, Usagi or next future Athena. No fear – I was still young and pretty. Ok, young. But already in that time in my mind I had a picture ‘Dark hair, dark eyes’. As a teenage girl I started to look around for someone who was real. Too bad I didn’t think about adding ‘alive‘ to that.

Short Round – ‘Kennon Wong’

Jonathan Ke Quan (關繼威) played a little orphan in one of the Indiana Jones movies. He was a taxi driver (yup, 11 year old boy was a driver) coming from Shanghai – that’s also a reason why my husband seeing that movie with me for the first time said ‘He speaks Cantonese, oh and Shanghainese. I don’t even need a subtitles’ – good for you, I didn’t even know at that time he change to the dialect. But anyway he was young, talented, REAL (at least the actor), smart and had no fear. Somehow he couldn’t keep my fascintion on him. Recently I’ve googled how he looks now and I prefer to stick with his childhood image.



Bruce Lee 李小龍

I think no one needs explenation why I would love him and why wouldn’t that work out. One of the greatest people on the screen and I assume in real life as well. Knowing a whole family story today I feel so sorry for his wife, losing him and a son. At that time I was so fascinated by his moves, face expressions, power. Bruce, oh Bruce.


Kazuya Kamenashi 亀梨 和也

I got to into my late teenage years and got into Asian dramas. One day I saw ‘Nobuta wo Produce’ (野ブタ。をプロデュース) and just got crazy about him. I mean look at him, I could play with those hair all night long. Not to mention he is OK singer (let’s be honest, he isn’t Freddie Mercury), nice dancer and not so good actor. But as a girl I have the same right to be attracted by him and be one of his fangirls. Too bad too many of them, not to mention he was in ‘unreachable’ zone. I still like to look at KAT-TUN videos and take my time with Mr. Kamenashi.


Wong Ka-kui 黃家駒

At the time I got to know who Mr. Wong is I already knew my husband, he introduced Beyond to me. Even thought I knew what happened (now) 20 years ago I got so into him and whole Beyond. Great song writer, singer, he played guitar. Lyrics of the songs were not like most of the music – he singed about freedom, love to his family, helping the world. Wish more music artist be like him. I still remember first time I heard 灰色軌跡 I kept listening to it for days. Still it’s one of my favourite songs. I wouldn’t call my fascination about him any close to romantic love, I’m still fascinated by artistic side of him. Miss you, Mr. Wong.

For those who are still not familiar with Beyond, please check those links out:





Hui Brother’s

They were also introduced to me by my husband – I watched most of the movies with them I could find with English subtitles. I must say beside making great comedies like 天才與白痴, 半斤八两 and 摩登保镖 (my favourite one, I posted in on MHKH facebook page) Sam Hui is also a great singer and he is called ‘father of canto-pop’. Plus his mushroom-hair at that time were quite sexy. Making a girl laugh is a great step in a love life, they surely made me cry from laughing.


All those people/characters lead me to the present…

My husband

Maybe he cannot kick ball like Tsubasa, he has no power of Seiya or Bruce, maybe he cannot sing – no, for sure he cannot sing, but he can eat like Goku, made me laugh like Hui Brothers. play a guitar like Wong Ka-kui, he is smart like Shorty and he is my Prince Endymion.


How your love-life looked like? Any forbidden love? 🙂

Thank you for all the likes and views here and facebook!

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25 thoughts on “我的亞洲男 – my love for Asian men

  1. Nice post. Foreign cultures and foreign people, I believe, are very attractive. At the core, biologically I think people are attracted to those ‘outside their race/social circle’. It is good for evolution and for bringing people together (as well as learning/dealing with new languages, habits. etc…). Of course, biases and general education growing up will set up barriers and create all types of pressures, but in today’s world with the ease everyone can communicate with others from around the world, the increase of mixed marriages will become the norm.

    Everyone is proud of their own race and beauty everywhere, so an open mind (as generally is the case) always is best.


  2. It’s an interesting question, one whose answers would fill pages of writing: some of it emotional, and some of it might even be reasonable. 😉 I’ve often wondered about the type of women to whom I’m attracted, but I do think a part of the reason is socialization, whether it’s through media, our environment, a common set of friends, or all of the above. My basic thing is that I have the most in common with those who don’t look like me; that truth hasn’t been pretty at times, but the truth has led me to some tremendous people.


  3. I’ve been into Western man since young. Even my first kiss on the plane when I was six was with a white. LOL…Growing up, my first love was an Asian and now I’m into Eurasian. Anyway, it’s hard to predict. I’ll see what fate drives me into. Nonetheless, I do hope to have something ‘explosive’, though. *wink-wink*


  4. Hello. I like your article. I have read stuff from Jocelyn Eikenburg as well. I am a white woman who really wants a Chinese husband. I have been searching for months on dating websites. There are not many on there. I have contacted a few but they seem to be wary of dating a white woman. My biggest handicap is my age. I am 43 now although I look much younger. It definitely presents a problem since most Chinese men are married by their early 30’s at the latest. I would be perfectly happy with a younger guy. In fact I outright prefer it. But not much younger than 35 or we don’t have much on common anymore. For the past five years I have exclusively looked for a Chinese man. Lately I have been finding myself having thoughts of giving up and settling for a white guy. I know asking for a nice Chinese man over 35 who wants to marry a white woman is a talk order but is there any chance? These blogs and sites say there are lots of Chinese men who love white woman. Can you tell me what group or dating site or personals section I can join? The most common advice I get is move to China. I can’t pull that off right now but can I find someone in the meantime here. I just keep sending messages out hoping that one day I will meet my Chinese prince.


    1. Hi Pam, thank you for your comment and visiting me! Beside moving to China you can try online dating like somethingcupid – I know there’s japancupid, koreacupid, my friend is using this and baidoo, to meet guys and friends, beside that there are actually agencies that are specialized in looking for a white wife for their Chinese clients, but I don’t know how it works ‘the other way’, plus it might not look good in your eyes. Do you speak Chinese? If yes have you thought about making a course or working with Chinese people in a place you live? These are the only way I can actually think of. That’s true age is quite important in China, especially older generation in age of my ‘in-law’s’ (much older than you :)) or their parents still think in their way and judge people, not to mention ‘grandSON topic’ but I honestly believe everyone has a chance 🙂 just watch out for internet fake accounts etc. people can be cruel :/


  5. Haha, Kazuya was the first Asian boy-band member crush for me. 😛 They are still one of my favorite bands 😛 I’d met some real life boys that I liked, but he was the first star that I crushed on from afar 🙂


  6. I’ve already written extensively about my relationship with my Chinese boyfriend on my blog, but I’ll mention here that I think it’s misleading to say something like “Asian guys are hot!” Living in China for over six years, I’ve only seen a few good-looking Chinese guys – the Chinese are generally not that attractive but those who are hot are HOT.


  7. I can very much relate to this. XD Like you I haven’t been very attracted to guys of my own race and I think my first childhood crush was Shang the character in Disney’s Mulan. Then came all the Japanese drama hotties and then I ended up marrying my Japanese husband.


  8. Thank you for all your visits likes!! I never think of race or ethnic make up when I have dated …I think of sense of humor, smile, eye twinkle …love for sports dancing and being outdoors … so this part of your blog is interesting


  9. I’m surprised that Polish TV broadcast Japanese cartoons at all. I work with quite a few Poles here in Switzerland but they’re all older than you and they don’t recall Japanese cartoons. Maybe they just weren’t into it and did not notice.

    RTL is a German TV station. We get RTL here in Zurich as well. I have seen Japanese cartoons on RTL on Saturday or Sunday mornings. I have seen some Swiss kids with backpacks that have Anime stickers. So I guess that’s popular with the kids here also.


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