中國人的刻板印象 – Chinese men stereotypes

Stereotypes, stereotypes, stereotypes. Every nation has one – some of them are quite good like ‘very polite and humble Canadians’ or not so good ‘every German is next Hitler and every Pole is car thief’. Chinese men in general have their own stereotypes created by Western people. But have you even wondered what they tell about each other?

Cannot deny a fact that China is not a really united nation, it caused many different regional stereotypes about Chinese people, even more about the men. If you google ‘regional stereotypes in China’ you can find many professional articles written by very high educated Western Men. I wanted to take a look from the other site – see Chinese men how Chinese women see them.

With my husband we spend a whole evening browsering many forums, later translate them into English so I hope you enjoy our teamwork! I do not plan to offend anyone, I just present you what different women, living in different places see their own men. Some of their post were very open, straight, some of the really rough but I think it was worth reading.


  • unattractive – short men with dark skin
  • sexist – believe men should work and women stay at home and do the housework
  • know how to earn money
  • not too family person, when he has a son and a daughter he will take more care about boy than a girl
  • like to hang out till really late, eat out, gamble


  • in Northern People’s eyes they are seen as (that’s not my opinion) ‘pussies’ – they listen to their wives, let wives control them, their money, they will help them in doing all the housework, including washing her underwear by hands – something really, really unmanely
  • calculate a lot – they think of benefits any action they do, if they won’t get anything they won’t even think about doing things: ‘if I help someone who will help me?’
  • they don’t eat much – that’s my ultimate favourite one
  • they care about their face, always put their best clothes on, but on the other hand they don’t like to say how much money they have so no one can take advantage of them
  • they deal with Western People a lot since times of Opium Wars so their mind is little bit more liberal than other Chinese
  • they are not united, even in the same city – they care only about their family, if you die it’s your problem, non of my business, just don’t bother me or my family
  • won’t spend more than it’s needed, they can make the best impression putting the less effort/money into it
  • with people from Beijing they think they are the best

While checking the internet I found this picture, I hope no one will feel offended by it – China in the eye of Shanghainese from 23812e383c49f486f4374bf7019d666cff0b13af

North East China

  • if they like you they will get close to you really fast, especially other men – they will be their new brothers
  • very straightforward, they will always tell you what they think, even if it’s not nice or not what you want to heard
  • they prefer drinking from bowls rather than cups, especially alcohol and that makes them in Chinese women minds very tough
  • some of the girls made a comment about their… ‘intimate life’ – last long, very tough but have no skill (Did I really just posted this? Haha)


  • highest divorce rate: once they get you they change from charming prince to a bad frog, they also get bored with a girl very easily
  • they show off with the skills they don’t have, just talk a lot and use nice words to trick people – some girl called them Sichuan-mouse but my husband didn’t really know how to explain that in English, if anyone of you know – please share!
  • they will always take an advantage of everything and everyone – if there’s free newspaper he will take 2 or more; cheap
  • like Shangainese they will put the smallest effort to get the biggest thing, they like to use a lot of sweet words but it only ends on the words
  • focused only on the closest future, don’t care what happens in 10 or 20 years, so they like to go out a lot, play with friends, eat out, mahjong is their best entertainment
  • they speak bad Mandarin
  • construction workers, labor – but what Sichuan girls say they are working like that because they are powerful, strong, they work really hard
  • food they eat is never spicy enough – another ‘eating’ stereotype I love


  • sensetive, understanding, they care about girl a lot
  • their brain is half a man, half a woman: everyone knows Mao Zedong (毛澤東) from Hunan province and he used to be called half tiger half monkey – being as tough as tiger (doing his own way, not the robbery-kind of tough), but with a monkey’s mind – so soft, flexible, tricky
  • half hero, half a villain
  • too self-centered, because of their own pride they are hard to get along with


  • talkactive, they can really, really talk a lot
  • sarcatstic about everything, especially life, they think they have more experience than anyone else
  • talks a lot, but doesn’t do much
  • sexist in the same way as Cantonese – they earn, wife stays at home
  • only people who know them can tell that they are people who really care about their close family and friends
  • other provinces find their lives dull, no shine – reason why other people think they are so sarcastic
  • very passionate, easy to get along
  • BROMANCE – they care more about their guy-friends rather than a girl they date
  • not romantic type of guys but on the other hand girls from Beijing find them as a good husbands – sweet words won’t take care of family, tought man is a man who gets married first, who can make them feel stable and secure; ‘useful men’


  • their favourite food is big bun, eaten with raw onion or garlic – perfect for a romantic kiss! another one added to my ‘stereotypes I love’ list
  • heavy dialect accent in their Mandarin
  • care about their face really, really a lot
  • they don’t use big words, especially about their feelings – they won’t use ‘I love’ very often, ‘thank you’ is not needed, nod with a head is enough, there are things that don’t need to be said – if you know I love you I don’t need to say it more times, if something changes I let you know
  • really united – if they meet in other country they might just fall in each others arms and call themselves brothers
  • no matter how little money they have they always come home for Chinese New Year – if they don’t do that for a whole year they will have a big regret in their hearts
  • very loyal: both as partner and as a man – they cheat the less but also army likes them to join, because they know they won’t betray the army

I must say some of them are ridiculous, I don’t agree with most of them but that’s their point of view and they have their right to speak out their minds – but remember girls! Give a shot to a guy you like, don’t get too into their stereotype image and check who he really is: Asian men I met, my husband’s friends and co-workers are really nice and interesting men. Keep the stereotypes only as an interesting article, don’t believe in them.

From all those types my husband, in his blood as well, is mix of Cantonese and Shangainese guy with a little bit of Hunan man. In which stereotypes you or your partner could fit? If you know more stereotypes share them as well! 🙂


PS Thank you for all the likes on my facebook page recently!

20 thoughts on “中國人的刻板印象 – Chinese men stereotypes

  1. This post was very interesting to read. I know stereotypes all too well, especially since high school is full of them with the jocks, the nerds, and the “emo” kids. My dad’s family is from Shandong and so when I was reading that part, I laughed aloud and realized how accurate some of the stereotypes were! Some were very true. This was certainly fun to read! 😀


  2. Shanghainese and Beijingers don’t mix. Shanghainese are business people and cosmopolitan – they will starve themselves to wear the best fashion and eat at the best restaurant. Beijingers are bureaucrats and administrators, thus not as rich as the Shanghainese and see them with suspicions. The Cantonese are southeners, e.g., farmers and labourers, darker skins and short – akin to southern Italians and southern Indians (when viewed by their northern counterpart). North of the River, are the Northern barbarians e.g., Kublai Khan! Haha! Just my 2-cents.


  3. I spent the past three summers doing professional development for teachers in the Shandong Province and I heard similar descriptions of Chinese men.


  4. love this post! really interesting! I don’t like the negative sterotypes about the Cantonese though! haha NOT TRUE! haha


  5. Nice post! I don’t know much about Chinese men. I love Sichuan food and saw bad reviews about Sichuan men from your article. Do you do enough justice for them lol? Anyway, I still love the food.


  6. Pingback: Cristi Sept
  7. So it seems they are all out to get something for nothing, just focus on earning money, and don’t care about other people except family. Not sure I want to live in China then.


  8. I think Asian people like stereotypes a bit too much, I’m mostly into Japanese but I think that in this sense they’re all the same. They tend to put you into a particular category right off the bat. Not sure what’s it’s like with Chinese, but the Japanese also tend to judge your personality by your blood type even if it’s the first time you’ve met and if you do something uncommon fr your blood type, they even might comment on that (happened to me), and they also tend to be kinda cautious around AB type (I’m one), it gets as ridiculous as this.

    Human behavior comes from the environment one was brought up in, so you can’t judge him just because hes Cantonese, for example.


  9. You know what? Hong Kong men are great. They take care of their wife and children perfectly. However, some of them control their wife. I am telling you the truth.


  10. You could say I’m ‘mixed’ but I consider myself to be fullblooded Jiangnanese (think southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang along with Shanghai), as in something like this: I’m culturally Shanghainese (as in I speak the language as my mother tongue) and identify myself as such, but most of my ancestry is pretty much mostly from northern Zhejiang and some ancestry from southern Jiangsu.


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