Adobo chicken and ‘lazy dessert’


Today’s 11 months since me and my husband got married, so I’m counting the days to our 1st wedding anniversary. Not a huge deal, my parents are married already 23 years, together almost 28 and still loving each other like teenagers. Hope that whoever rules the world will help us to be so happy after so many years 🙂

Since it’s ‘final countdown’ to the big day I’ve decided to please my husband and try adobo chicken – one of recipes his mother used to make for him. It originally comes from Philippines and it doesn’t refer only to chicken but any kind of meat, seafood, vegetable or ever fruits.

There are many ways to make it, the recipe I use I got it from my friend whose family comes from there, I modified it a bit to our preferences and I must tell you… I’ve made it DELICIOUS 🙂 Maybe it doesn’t look like on those super-cooking-food blogs, but it tasted really great. Mix of salty, sour and sweet taste. Sauce has bit heavy taste so I suggest getting some steamed veggie – I picked 小白菜 ‘baby choy sum’ also known as ‘Chinese cabbage’.

Here you have list of things you need to prepare:

  • soy sauce – I always pick Pearl River Bridge, it’s not too salty comparing to other one, especially Silver label which is always gone because everyone loves it
  • white vinegar – pay attention and DON’T pick white rice one, black rice one is not what you’re looking for too, taste of rice vinegar is different than ‘normal’ one
  • chicken – can be any other meal, especially pork, but I prefer chicken; if you decide to pick chicken like me the best parts to marinade are wings and legs, my choice is skinless but you can pick whatever you want
  • vegetable oil to fry
  • pepper – I didn’t have freshly ground one but the one bought in supermarket works too
  • 3 bay leaves
  • lemon grass
  • garlic
  • onion
  • sugar or honey flavoured syrup – I prefer syrup, less problems with melting it and it’s not as sweet as sugar, also gives a nice smell
  • some vegetable you want to eat with your chicken
  • oyster sauce – optionally to put on the veggie if you don’t want to dip it in sauce you made to marinade chicken


At the very beginning heat some vegetable oil on a pan, cut garlic and onion with your own preferences – I put a whole garlic and half of onion cut into rings. Fry them for a while, then put bay leaves, some lemon grass and pepper and keep on frying it for a moment.


While it’s frying prepare soy sauce, vinegar and syrup (or sugar) – I put it 2:1, always more soy sauce then vinegar, you may also add a bit water if you find that mixture too salty/sour. Pour into the pan, add syrup, let it cook for a while under the lid. In meantime clean the chicken.



When you’re done with cleaning just put it to the marinade and let it cook for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes flip it and let it cook for next 25-30 minutes with a small fire.




It will take a while for next step of chicken so I suggest starting preparation of the veggies. I’m only having a rice cooker which is always busy with preparing rice so I cannot use it to steam things so life and my mother in law taught how to deal with steaming – just clean your chinese cabbage with water, put it in a small bowl and put that bowl in a pot with water, make the water boil and cover the pot for around 10 minutes, but time depends on the veggie you want to steam, eggplant takes more time than leave-veggies.



When time of the chicken comes separate meat and marinade, put oil again on pan, fry your marinaded chicken until skin gets even more brown… and put marinade again from bowl to pan and keep it on small fire, under the cover for next 10 minutes.



Serve your chicken with warm rice and cold beer, enjoy it’s taste. Remember – more brown your chicken gets, more tasty it will be.


And after nice meal every stomach deserves to be filled with a dessert. My hubby is not a fan of chocolate or any other ‘too sweet’ dessert so it’s hard for me to pick something he might like, they still don’t make kimchi-onion icecream 😉 Anyway recently I found a thing he likes – almond flavor gelatine dessert. I call it a ‘lazy dessert’ because it’s really easy and you don’t need to do anything to make it, just follow the steps.

  1. Add little bit less than 1l of water (32 oz), mix it with powder from the package.
  2. Make it boil.
  3. Take it away from fire, add little bit less than 0.5l of whole milk but I use ‘fat free’ one and it still works. Mix it.
  4. Put them to bowls – I needed 5 bowls in the end. Let it cool down, then put it to the fridge for around 2h.
  5. Cut into cubes, add some fruits like grapes, optionally add a bit of honey syrup.

Voila. Your lazy dessert is ready to eat!


At the end I would invite all of the readers to follow me on facebook for updates, more photos etc.

6 thoughts on “Adobo chicken and ‘lazy dessert’

  1. you are just an amazing wife! many of local wives in HK do not really know how to cook :P! let’s exchange some recipes later once i am all settle to be a wife after September! 😀


    1. aww, so many compliments! I’m just ordinary wife trying to make my husband’s stomach happy 🙂 I will be so happy if you can show me some of your recipes, I only can cook what my mother in law told me or what I can find in cooking books, but usually it’s like 83593539 taste chicken with 3739582359 steps I cannot make 🙂 if you and soon-to-be husband like European cuisine I will be so happy to share some of mine 🙂


  2. I’m from Poland, central Europe so we have food from west and east of Europe, not to mention our original cuisine 🙂 depend’s what you and your love like to eat, my husband personally hates west cuisine, calls it ‘bread and cheese and nothing else’ which is not true, but that’s his memory of western Europe haha 🙂 I can also cook some Asian food like korean chicken stuffed rice soup, pad thai noodles etc. but I will be so happy if you can give me some hints for cantonese and chinese cuisine 🙂 I want to surprise my husband one day with chicken feet 🙂


  3. Friend of mine has Filipinos people in her family, she once prepared it for us and at the moment my husband said it’s the way his mother maid I’ve decided to ask her for recipe, modify it a bit to taste we like and make him a surprise adobo 🙂 I must say it was my first time I made it and it went out delicious 🙂 so you can try to use this recipe, for first time making it’s really easy!


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