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During the weekend I’ve been doing a research among white girls in age 18 to 30 why would/wouldn’t they date an Asian/Chinese guy and I will show the the result in a couple of days, but since I want to make it really good it takes some time to prepare. Just like food I want to introduce to 鬼妹 just in case they met a nice Chinese man and want to do something nice to him 🙂

Don’t worry – those recipes are really, really easy and fast to make. Perfect for begginers and it’s also a kind of food that both of you can handle. From my experience – husband, friends – I’ve noticed that if you want to date/marry Chinese man, born and rised in China/Asia you will mostly cook ‘his’ type of food. My man sometimes like to eat western food, but he is used to and loves ‘his’ food. Some of his friends NEVER go out to eat western food, they also don’t like japanese cuisine. Only chinese one. But don’t worry – since China is such a big country you can find different types of vegetables, meat, noodles, buns, literally everything you could possibly eat. There’s even an old phrase ‘Chinese eat anything with four legs except a table, and anything that flies that isn’t an airplane’ – the only thing I would add to it is ‘that’s not raw’. Young generation is not that picky about food, but try to remember not to offer his family a sushi or steak tartare 🙂

Ok, let’s getting started! Remember what you always need in your kitchen – GARLIC, whatever you fry remember to add it. Always, it’s never too much of it. Never. Besides that for todays meal we need:

Meiwei blended soybean & sesame oil – gives a really nice smell and specific taste
Soy sauce – I use Pearl River brand, currently ‘gold label’, but my husband keeps looking for ‘silver one’ – honestly I have no idea white; one more thing about soy sauce – NEVER buy one that is made in America/country you live in, they are always ‘too much’, just the taste is not right. Always buy imported one and also remember that there are different type of sauce so this one in my opinion is a safe choice
Green onion
1/2 napa cabbage
Mung bean sprouts – you can either make them or buy in any Asian shopping center, for me it’s just easier to buy it and it’s really cheap, around 99 cents per packs – for us one pack lasts for at least 3 meals
Oil for frying
Black porkbelly – it’s not as scarry as it sounds, if you make it properly even I can say it’s delicious
SOFT tofu – I use half of the pack, the rest you can keep in the fridge for next time
Wang Korean Beef Barbecue sauce – you can make some kind of sauce to marinade the porkbelly, but this one goes really well with it

First start with marinading the meat – it should take around 30 min, but longer you keep it better it gets.



By the time meat gets it’s taste I take care of tofu and vegetables. Let me show you how to make tofu in a really easy way. Once you open the pack remove all the liquid and cut it into two halfs. We need only one of it so put the second one back to the fridge. Cut garlic – I usually put one clove, but you can put more if you like, cut green onion and add just a few drops of sesame oil. Then mix it all together and at the very end add A BIT of soy sauce and mix it again. Keep refrigerated until eaten.



Now we’re taking care of some veggies. First cut half of napa cabbage into slices and carefully rinse it with water – plants from any Asian mall are always fresh and good quality but they often have some dirt or ground inside. Next grab some mung bean sprouts – don’t worry, you cannot grab ‘too much’ – I just think one ‘hand’ is enough. Also rinse it with water and wait until water goes away. Set fire and cut garlic. When oil gets hot put garlic into it for around 10s – you should smell it, but don’t let it get burnt. After that add our napa and mung bean sprouts to it. Let it cook for a while under the lid, then stir it every few minutes until you see that ammount of cabbage got smaller and it looks ‘weaker’. At that time add some soy sauce – not too much, just give it a taste. Cover it with lid, set a biggest fire for few seconds… and done 🙂






At the very end, after our meat is marinade we heat up the oil on our pan and put the porkbelly. Fry it until it gets brown and looks ‘crispy’, if you don’t do that meat might feel too ‘gummy’ for you. If you don’t want to buy barbecue sauce, which is quite sweet, you can make your own marinade with sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and green onion.


After that you can put hot rice into your bowls, grab some drinks and enjoy nice meal together. Fast and simple. Maybe on this picture meat doesn’t look tasty but belive me – it surely is! There’s also a hint how to make rice for those who don’t own a rice cooker – put 1 glass of rice to 1 glass of water, clean the rice few time by rising it with water, then put it on small fire under the lid and keep it for around 20 minutes. In meantime keep an eye on it, it might be cooked faster/later than expected.


That should be everything. If you have any good and simple recipes, please share with me! I can try them and show you my cuisine experiments. Also if you feel that pictures are too small just click them. I wish a good night/day for all of you and hope you keep on reading, remember about next week:


See you!

5 thoughts on “Beginner cook

  1. Actually some young HongKonger also like Japanese food, like me and my wife. We like sushi & sashimi. Sometimes we will go Japanese resturant 放題, means ‘All you can eat’


  2. I thought I checked your entire blog, how come I have never come across this post? So you do cook!
    I tell you, an even easier way to do the pork belly is: just use smoked bacon, that is the only western food that even a traditional Chinese man will never say no to 😀


  3. I once got a soy sauce from Trader Joe’s and yes, was disappointed. No more soy sauce from America for me…


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