Gwai mui must have!

Hi! It’s getting really hot recently so I’ve decided to write a little bit how to make you look and feel young and fresh ladies! Few major complaints that Asian guys have about white females are that our skin is not soft enough, we are quite hairy and we get older faster. There’s also my favourite one … More Gwai mui must have!

嗰個哥哥高過嗰個哥哥 gó go go gò gòu gwó gó go go gó

‘That elder brother is taller than that elder brother’ I’ve noticed more and more people are trying now to learn ‘Chinese’ – mostly Mandarin. Some of them do it because they see an opportunity for work, other are aware of Chinese people coming to their countries, opening factories etc., some do it for fun. I do … More 嗰個哥哥高過嗰個哥哥 gó go go gò gòu gwó gó go go gó

Beginner cook

Hi there! During the weekend I’ve been doing a research among white girls in age 18 to 30 why would/wouldn’t they date an Asian/Chinese guy and I will show the the result in a couple of days, but since I want to make it really good it takes some time to prepare. Just like food … More Beginner cook